The Company

Sustainable Epirus, a single-member SA-SPV, was set up for the sole purpose of implementing the Epirus Region’s public-private partnership (PPP) “Epirus Region Municipal Solid Waste Processing Facility” project.

The Project includes the design, financing, construction, maintenance and operation of the infrastructure of the municipal solid waste processing facility, in accordance with the terms of the Partnership Agreement signed by the Epirus Region, the Company, and the founder of the Company (Terna Energy SA).

The duration of the Partnership Agreement is 27 years (18-month construction period and 25.5 years of operation).

More specifically, the Company has undertaken:

  1. the drawing up of all the necessary studies and obtaining of all licensing for the construction, completion, operation and maintenance of the Project
  2. all construction, operation and maintenance of the Project’s infrastructure
  3. the financing of the Project with its own loan capital, with the proviso of the Financing Assistance of the Epirus Region
  4. insuring of the Project
  5. the commercial exploitation of the by-products produced by the Waste Processing Unit (e.g., recyclable materials, biogas, compost).